Welcome To The New Typing Pool

typing software

It was probably long before you even finished high school. Perhaps your retired grandfathers and mothers can share this old tale with you. Because back in the good old days, the office always had its typing pool. Clerks across the office floor would rush to this pool to have their folios typed up before delivering them to their designated receivers. Today the old typing pool is no more. But in its place for those who need to learn how to type proficiently is ready to install and use typing software.

This is a good package for those of you who do not have the financial resources to employ one or two heads to take care of your typing work. Installing the software onto your desktop is easy enough. But learning how to take full advantage of the software does take some doing. The work is not insurmountable because you can break all work down into manageable chunks, and tackle only the typing tasks that you can manage.

Or go along with tasks that you have a hunch are going to be relevant to the daily administration of your business. Even if typing long documents is not going to be part of your business, you still need to be able to type proficiently. By that is meant that you will be able to type flawlessly and at speed. You can apply the skills you acquire to all communications platforms currently on your radar. You use these on your daily email account.

And of course, there is always your usual social media accounts. Here is your opportunity to shine. Let others see that your daily round of written communications is error free and always delivered on time, if not that, ahead of time.